Custom Branding for Girl Scouts

Creative Team Branding


Being a Girl Scout is a statement in itself.

With permission from NC Coastal Pines, The Magic Is Me is proud to offer troops and leaders a variety of ways to uniquely brand themselves.

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Girls Scout Strong #1


A youthful white t-shirt with a statement of strength and the many ways a Girl Scout shows that strength in the words that create the trefoil emblem.

Girl Scout Strong #2


Maybe you prefer showing your strong side in the confident and stable shade of blue. The trefoil emblem states various ways a Girl Scout shows her strength.

Girl Scouts for Life


A simple statement with a powerful message. We chose the color green, not only as a traditional Girl Scout color, but as the color of growth and life.

Keep Calm #1


It not only takes girls to make Girl Scouts work. It takes some remarkable leaders. Be proud and tell the world how you've got it all together. (OK, no one has to know the truth)

Keep Calm #2


For you feisty leaders, make your statement with the fiery enthusiasm of red. If the gentle message of Keep Calm #1 is not your style, then this is the shirt for you!

Troop Identity


Let us help you design a shirt that reflects your troop's identity. Scouts and leaders can differentiate themselves in larger groups, during troop activities, or at camps.

Troop Motto


Does your troop want to make a statement? Show what they believe? Share what they stand for? A troop motto shirt can do just that for them.


Why do we have a focus on Girl Scouts? We are always looking for ways to empower kids, so Girl Scouts is a natural fit. And the fact that some of our employees were Girl Scouts and today are Girl Scout leaders simply ties it all together for us.

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If you  are interested in showing off your custom camp shirt, we are happy to display it here for 30 days.

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We can display your special event shirt here and can provide a link if you are using them as a fundraiser.